Spots lights & Reading lights

With more than 50 years of aircraft lighting experience and a complete LED products range on the shelf, SELA is always seeking for the highest quality lighting rendering.

SELA has high quality white and RGBW LED light sources allowing to obtain an excellent color rendering index (CRI): a CRI higher to 90 (from 3000 to 6600 K°) in white color configuration, very close to the sun light CRI of 100%.

Our cabin lights are completely compatible with our CLEMATIS® programming interface system. From our indirect lights to our direct lighting systems all your cabin can be controlled with dedicated scenarios. Our cabin lights are mechanically designed in order to match with the cabin interior dedicated area. From waterproof spot lights in the shower to your customized reading light above your seat, we design your need.

On the other side, SELA manufactures and supplies its own LED bulbs in MR11 / BA15S and BA9S bases which are completely interchangeable with standard incandescent and halogen bulbs.

In different white LED colors or RGB-W LED colors, our LED bulbs can easily replace old generation bulbs without removal of the existing ceiling light fixtures. Feel free to contact us for any cabin upgrade request.

Our led light sources are included in

Light – Reading Light