Cockpit Solutions

SELA equips several types of light and heavy helicopters and airplanes with customized full back lighted Panels.

Our panels, accordingly to a cross partnership with our customers, are totally adapted and customized to the type of helicopter. SELA panels are built up with homogeneous back-lit engravings including all the instruments lighting in a velvet blue LED white rendering and only in 5 mm thickness. White, amber, green, red indicators are also supplied and completely integrated in the panel thickness.The internal lighting of existing instruments and indicators just have to be disconnected with no required removal of the equipment. Made in a specific qualified and approved bendable polycarbonate material, SELA lighting panels are milled in house with no risk of breakage during the manufacturing process and after helicopter installation. From left, center, right, pedestal and head up locations, we upgrade your full cockpit giving to pilots an homogeneous day and night instruments vision. All SELA panels lighting can be adjusted easily and directly by pilots thanks to adjustable trimmers integrated in panels. SELA lighting panel is easily mounted and secured over the instruments panel. The electrical connection of SELA panel lighting for all indicators is made through two small connectors in the panel back side. Lateral line of sight of the instruments for the pilot and copilot is guaranteed with no visible reflection and with no obstruction. Our back lighted panels are supplied with dedicated power supplies able to manage several lighting control inputs (all cockpit lights) in normal and emergency operating. Our power supplies allow a full panel lighting control in Day and Night modes, adjustable by trimmer. We finally advise to equip your glare shield with our integrated LED ramp lighting system as well as our ambient lights solutions (spot lights, map lights, dome lights…) to keep a complete homogeneity.

SELA designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a complete range of cockpit lighting systems :

  • Backlighted panels (LED upgrades)
  • Complete HMI control boxes (integrating indicators, switches, wiring)
  • Pilot and copilot LED reading lights upgrade
  • Glare shield LED lighting upgrade
  • Flight control panel LED lighting upgrade
  • LED map lights (snake lights on pedestal upgrade)
  • LED dome lighting upgrade
  • Any light source upon request