Seat lights

We supply First Class and Business Class seats lighting of several flying airlines.

Our LED lighting systems and associated electronic management systems are part of the passenger seat. From a standard snake light to a customized lighting fixture dedicated to the Airline specific requirements, we design and manufacture lighting for the passenger comfort.

Our seat products line is composed of:

  • Snake lights
  • Complete seat lighting assembly, including: reading light, ambient light, seat row numbering.
  • Night lights
  • Bumper lighting
  • Above and under IFE screen lighting
  • Closet lighting
  • Mini-suite lighting

Seat Gooseneck

 Seat Lighting

We design, develop, produce and qualify your seat lighting atmosphere according to your needs. Our seat lights are already installed and qualified on AIRBUS A330 – A340 and BOEING 777.
In white LED color or in RGBW mood lighting configuration, we propose you a full spectrum lighting rendering.
Using also our CLEMATIS® interface, the passenger will control its seat lighting environment with its personal tablet or smartphone.
Our sales team is at your disposal for any requirement.