In addition to our CLEMATIS® SYSTEM, we propose you a complete range of white LED tubes in direct 115 VAC or 28 VDC supplies. From warm white to natural and cool whites, our LED tubes have a color rendering index higher to 90, giving to your cabin interior a natural illumination comfort and wellness feeling.
For a new cabin installation or a cabin lighting upgrade, we propose you several LED tube lengths allowing an easy cabin lighting arrangement. The use of reliable power LED sources, secured “SJS” type connectors and “in tube” power supplies are the right combination for an easy and quick installation of bright ambient indirect lighting.

With 25 different lengths for our 28 VDC LED tubes and 18 lengths for our 115 VAC LED tubes, our engineering department can support you at any time during the tubes cabin positioning in 3D installation or according to a layout drawing.
Along with our LED tubes, we supply you with the control and dimmer boxes.

In any configuration, we will adapt the lighting control you may need. From step dimming or variable dim to a fully CLEMATIS® compatible network including software interface and scenarios dynamic, we create the right mood in the right place. SELA has already certified and qualified its LED tubes in several wide bodies and Business jets.
Feel free to contact us for any information.