Retrofit solutions

Retrofit 28V

Our solution to retrofit 28 VDC fluorescent lighting system to 28 VDC LED lighting system.


SELA proposes its LED Tubes designed to retrofit old 28Vdc fluorescent lighting systems at the minimum cost (labor & direct cost):

– EASY : same principle of mounting (clip holders),
– LIGHT-WEIGHT : no more power supply (less weight, less current consumption),
– PURE WHITES : warm / natural / cool white.


Following your existing installation, we propose several kits and LEDs tubes.

Dimmer kit :

28V fluorescent systems 28V LED systems
Retrofit inverter 189-720 Kit adaptateur : 0280-2088-0010
Commutator : 0110-0004-0010
No wire
Retrofit inverter 0189-2006
(KIT without tube)
Notice : 0280-2108-0010
Kit : 0280-2144-00y0
Wire : 2908-0039-00y0
Mechanical : 5211-0122-0000
Retrofit inverter 18-1030-2
(Power unit & TR Plug)
Notice : 0280-2109-0010
Commutator : 0110-0003-0010
Plug TR : 0270-0064-0010
No wire
Retrofit inverter 189-720 (Dim Blue) Notice : 0280-2113-0010
Wire : 2908-0043-00y0

LEDs tubes :

Fluorescent tubes LED tubes
ø 7,2mm tubes retrofit 0708-LLLL-xxyz
ø 12mm tubes retrofit 0784-LLLL-xxyz
Curved tubes retrofit 0317-nnnn (ø 12mm tube chaplet)

0318-nnnn (ø 7,2mm tube chaplet)

Flexstrip light 13.5 x 13.5mm 0319-LLLL

Specifications regarding length and color temperature will be define directly with our Engineering team.

– Reduction of Current Consumption 
– Reduction of Weight
– Reduction of Retrofit Total Cost : Labor & Parts.
– EASY Retrofit process : Product designed using SAME MOUNTING PRINCIPLE and EXISTING aircraft wiring.
– DO160 Compliant
– MTBF of 26,109 hr, i.e. about 3 yrs working non-stop.