About us


The Laboratoire Abadie, founded in 1920, one of the foremost pioneers in the field of fluorescent tubes, was at the origin of our company. Many of the technics used during the manufacturing of this type of lighting are mere applications of Laboratoire ABADIE patents. In 1953, the Laboratoire ABADIE started specializing in the field of aeronautical lighting, which was rapidly developed at that time and which required highly reliable and precise components.
The mutation of the Laboratoire Abadie into SELA entity occurred in 1960. Our company then extended its activities to the production of its own power supply systems to compensate for the lack of reliable and high performance power supply units on the market. Since the very beginning, our company has been devoted to the technological research and manufacturing quality. That is why so many great names from the world trust us. Entering XXIst century, SELA has improved all its lighting product ranges with LED technology, LED mood-lighting systems and dedicated software.